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The Minutes

The most recent Minutes from SUG Club/ Executive Meetings will be published on this page. They will also be available for download in PDF (along with past Minutes) from Archives.

SUG CLUB MEETING - July 29, 2010

The third meeting of the 2010 Sydney University Gymnastics and Cheerleading Club was held Thursday, 29/7/2010 at 6:30pm at The Arena Sports Centre, Ground Floor.


1.          Opening and Apologies

1.1.             Attendance


1.1.1.        Khairil Musa 

1.1.2.        Millie Habijanec 

1.1.3.        Laura Pham 

1.1.4.        Kat Teh 

1.1.5.        Shu Yeung 

1.1.6.        Issy Guyot 

1.1.7.        Nanako Ogasawara

1.1.8.        Niranda Wright

1.1.9.        Brendon Wong



1.2.             Apologies

1.2.1.        Trieste Corby

1.2.2.        Paul Sunderland

1.2.3.        Libby Andrews

1.2.4.        Simon Reid


2.          Minutes of the Previous Meeting

2.1.             Motion that the minutes of the previous meeting are a true and accurate reflection of the proceedings of aforementioned meeting.


Proposed: Khairil                              Seconded: Shu

Carried, none against.


3.          Business Arising from the Minutes

3.1.             Keys: Millie, Issy and Kat don’t have keys. Shu shall make them.


4.          Motions On Notice


5.          Motions Not On Notice


6.          Executive Reports

6.1.             President

6.1.1.        Meeting with SUSF - Tristan Liles is now the Club Development Officer. Matt Phelps is the HPC manager. Leonie Lum is the community program officer. Tristan Liles is the go to person to make bookings from now on.

6.1.2.        Semester 2 coaching – Simon will take Monday classes, Annie will coach Thursday. Shu will check with Rosie if she can do an hour from 5 to 6, twice a week.

6.1.3.        Hoodies – Yes we want hoodies. Kat will get on to it to chase up on designs.





6.2.             Secretary

6.2.1.        Nothing to report.

6.3.             Treasurer

6.3.1.        Fundraising update- bake sale again! We have closet cooks!              Bake sale- Week 3, Thursday, 12 Aug @11am in front of Manning              Drink Bottles              Thinking about getting a cut for providing coaches for their kids gym classes


6.3.2.        Cheer fees – 32 hours of training in Semester 2. $200 for Semester 2 fees.

6.3.3.        Homebush invoices – Shu will chase it up


7.          Officers’ Reports

7.1.             Cheer Reps

7.1.1.        Comp in Penrith, 8th Aug WCC States; the next one is in September at Homebush.

7.1.2.        Football matches -

7.1.3.        Uniform - New uniforms on the way.




7.2.             WAG Rep

7.2.1.         Invitational Comp (TBC)Sept 19 Sunday 11am to 3pm, pending invoice. Khairil is on it.


7.3.             MAG Rep

7.4.             First Aid Officer

7.4.1.        From Kat: could we have 3.8cm and 2.5 cm strapping tape as well as disposable instant ice packs in the kit?

7.4.2.        Libby to make incident forms.


7.5.             Social Officer

7.6.             First Year Rep


8.          General Business

8.1.             We need to leave training at 6pm, with the possibility of extending till 7pm through Tristan Liles.

8.2.             Niranda has a job opening for a coach to coach Level 3s and will email Khairil with the details.


9.          Next Meeting/Actions

9.1.             Shu to get the keys sorted.

9.2.             Nanako is in charge of the new equipment audit.

9.3.             Niranda will liaise with Shu regarding gym equipment specifications (safety ratings, how often they need servicing and replacing etc.)

9.4.             Khairiil will contact the past presidents for details about equipment.

9.5.             Next meeting 26 Aug 2010.

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