About Us

The Sydney University Gymnastics Club (SUG) is for and run by people who love gymnastics. The club has two main programs: gymnastics and athletic cheerleading. 


The adult gymnastics program at SUG is aimed at encouraging people who are interested in gymnastics to have a go. The regular weekly classes cater for a large skill range: from absolute beginners with no gymnastics experience to ex-elite gymnasts looking to train casually. Classes contain a variety of drills designed to develop strength and fitness in addition to apparatus and tumbling skills. 

This year, we have two coaches running training sessions throughout Semester 1. Each coach has their own style and indeed their classes have their own distinct flavour. Currently three coached classes are offered weekly.

Athletic Cheerleading

Sydney University Cheerleading is a competitive team within SUG. Athletic cheerleading is a dynamic co-ed sport combining gymnastics, stunting, tumbling, acrobatics and dance. The style of cheerleading is similar to what is featured in the movie “Bring it on” where athletes are lifted, held and tossed in the air. 

If you would like to be a part of this growing sport and are interested in the Sydney University Cheerleading program, please look at the Contact Us on the left :


Students and non-students of the University of Sydney are able to join the club after they become a member of Sydney University Sport & Fitness (SUSF). Membership costs are as follows.

Annual gymnastics membership fee (SUSF members):   $80
Annual gymnastics membership fee (non-SUSF members):   $80 + $60 (SUSF joining fee) = $140

Membership fees include all classes and regular use of the gym. SUSF membership covers the cost of insurance.